CONGRATULATIONS... Stewart Kelsey for now being a proud member of our Hillsboro Police Department! He recently graduated from the police acadamy in Salem where he spent 17 weeks undergoing education and training. He completed the acadamy as head of his class and was the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony.





A Neighborhood Watch Program for a portion of our neighborhood (the 50 residents of the “Dellwood” subdivision) has been implemented by Stewart Kelsey with the help of Julie Carrasco of the Hillsboro Police Department. It is this program that can help keep our neighborhood a safe and comfortable place to call home.




For questions/concerns please contact Stewart at…

Phone: 503-330-0412   Email:


Neighborhood watch groups are a smart way to help protect the safety of your community.

According to the FBI, over 2 million incidents of burglary were committed in 2004. The Burlary Prevention Council reports that US homes are burglarized every 11 seconds, with nearly 60 percent of all burglaries occurring in daylight hours. Furthermore, 3 out of every 4 houses are expected to be burglarized in the next 20 years. While these statistics are alarming, they remind us of the ever-growing impact of crime in the United States -- and that no matter where you reside, you are a potential victim.

Not everyone can afford subscription-based home security systems that provide 24-hour monitoring. Local policing efforts are often stretched too thin for routine patrols and must rely on the active participation of community residents for crime prevention.

Since most crimes happen in isolation, a Neighborhood Watch team is employed to act as an extra set of "eyes and ears" when a police presence is not always available. But a Neighborhood Watch group does more than canvass its community. In most cases, involvement creates opportunity to get to know those living in your geographical area, helping to open the lines of communication with local police and better overall cooperation among residents in crime prevention efforts. Participating in a Neighborhood Watch group builds confidence and encourages residents to take an active interest in one another's properties and livelihoods.


10 Quick Security Tips

  • 1.) Keep all doors and windows closed and securely fastened. An open window or door is an open invitation for burglars. Thieves are also quick to spot weak locks that may be easily forced open. Doors should have deadbolt locks with a one inch throw and reinforced strike plate with three inch screws. All windows should have window locks.
  • 2.) Secure sliding glass doors. Place a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track and install vertical bolts. These will help prevent burglars from forcing the door open or lifting it off the track.
  • 3.) Always lock the door to an attached garage. Don't rely on your automatic garage door opener for security.
  • 4.) Create the illusion that you are home. by using timers on lights, radios and TV's. Making your residence appear occupied, even when no one is home, will deter criminals.
  • 5.) Keep the perimeter of your home well lighted. Installing low voltage outdoor lighting is a cost-effective way to discourage intruders, as well as highlight a house.
  • 6.) Never leave clues that you are away on a trip. Have a trusted neighbor collect mail and newspapers while you are away so delivered items do not accumulate. You can also ask a neighbor to park in your driveway or parking place to make it appear that you are present.
  • 7.) Keep some shades and blinds up and curtains open to maintain a normal, everyday appearance in your residence.
  • 8.) Never leave a message on your telephone answering machine telling people that you are away from home. A message that you will return at a certain time leaves your home vulnerable in the interim.
  • 9.) When using social media sites such as “Facebook”, be sure not to post any messages stating that you are out of town. 
  • 10.) Keep shrubbery trimmed away from entrances and walkways. While large, ornate hedges may be beautiful, they also provide a hiding place for burglars who need only a minute to break in through a window or door.