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Dennie Frank

 Dennie Frank worked with my boyfriend to purchase his first home 10 plus years ago. We reached out to
Dennie when we were ready to start getting my boyfriend's home ready for sale. Our plan as a couple was to
sell our individual homes and purchase a together home. We considered several brokers familiar to us. After
reaching out to Dennie to see if he was still in our area as a broker, he met with us. We all worked together to
formulate a strategy for readying my boyfriend's home for sale. We saw how thorough and thoughtful Dennie
was at addressing our needs, concerns and goals. After the sale of my boyfriend's home I continued to have
Dennie as my broker for my home.
We then searched for our new home. Once we found it, Dennie assisted us with formulating a bid. In a very
aggressive market, Dennie' acumen proved to be successful in having our bid accepted over nine others! We
love our new home and wouldn't have been able to obtain it without Dennie's experience.
Dennie did everything right. When we encountered an issue with the buyer for my home, Dennie was very
diligent to protect my interests, yet worked with the other broker and buyer to ensue the issue was resolved
quickly and successfully for all parties.
He has been an amazing broker. I can't say enough great things about him. I will recommend him to anyone
I know who needs a broker.

Susan, Hillsboro OR