Free Roof Inspection in Portland, Oregon

It is only when you discover a fading portion on the ceiling, water leakage, cracking in walls, and peeling wallpaper that you start considering your roofing problems seriously. Numerous other roofing problems are quite prominent these days such as fungus, dry rot, insulation damage, and so on. Therefore, proper roof inspections once or twice a year is the only right way to keep your roof protected from the damages and other above mentioned problems. It is a fact that regular roof inspections can largely help you avoid paying extra money for repairing your roof later when the leaks cause more costly and permanent damage.

You should get your roof inspected by a skilled roofing inspector during certain times such as beginning of the winter, after heavy wind or snowstorms, and in the spring to look for winter damage that can be repaired with more minor measures. In fact, at times, you can do a preliminary inspection yourself. According to professional roofers, the first point for a roof inspection to be checked is supposedly the interiors of the building. The inner walls and ceilings should be checked for signs of watermarks. After the inspection of the interior, a careful inspection of the outer walls should be made—again you can do this. However, the main and most important sections are up on top of your home where only a professional should go. Always remember that proper maintenance and regular inspection are considered as the best and most important ways to add years to your roof and to keep costly damage and repair to a minimum.

Roof inspections by a skilled roofing professional encompasses complete inspection of the roof, parapets, flashing, skylights, chimneys, plumbing penetrations, and drainage systems. The necessity of roof inspections is quite crucial for every home and building. Many roof inspection companies have been launched to offer certified commercial and residential roof inspections. Element Roofing is one such solution that offers efficient roofing services, but with a FREE inspection. Elements has the insight and experience to note problems before they become disasters.

Elements Roofing is a highly regarded licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. This contractor also offers you 24/7 emergency repair of your roof should a bad storm cause enough damage.